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HOU - Houston Hobby Airport Parking

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There are plenty of on-airport and off-airport parking options at Houston Hobby Airport (HOU).  For on-airport Hobby Airport Parking the cost ranges from $5.54 per day to $17 per day and more information is available in the HOU - Houston Hobby Airport Parking - On-Airport section below. 

However, the on-airport Hobby Airport Parking lots do fill up during busy travel times.  For example, this past Thanksgiving KHOU News Reported - Hobby Airport Parking Lot at Capacity.  So, we recommend taking advantage of the half dozen Off-Airport Houston Hobby Airport Parking options starting at $4.50 per day including Avistar Airport Parking, Super Park, and Preflight Airport Parking.  Off-Airport parking lots tend to have better customer service than their on-airport counterparts and allow for reservations guaranteeing a parking spot. Plus, in addition to the article referenced above, when we originally were putting together this page the HOU Ecopark 1 lot was full and HOU Ecopark 2 was nearly full. For stress free parking, Use the form below to get a Houston Hobby Airport Parking quote from

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HOU - Houston Hobby Airport Parking - On-Airport

There are 3 options for On-Airport Houston Hobby Airport Parking ranging in cost from $5.54 per day for the HOU Ecopark 2 up to $17.00 per day for the HOU Main Terminal Parking Garage.  Here is a breakdown of pricing at all 3 Houston Hobby Airport Parking options:

  • Parking Garage (All Levels) - $2 first hour up to a max of $17 per day
  • HOU Ecopark 1 - 0 to 3 Hours - $2.77, 3 to 24 hours - $7.39
  • HOU Ecopark 2 - 0 to 3 Hours - $1.85, 3 to 24 hours - $5.54

Note: The above prices are based on the Hobby Airport Parking page on the Houston Airport Systems web site on May 27, 2011.  There is also a Hobby Airport Parking Map on the parking page.

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